About Alpha Led OxyLight Spa

About Alpha Led Light Spa



AR Medi-Spa Body Treatments Therapy


LED Oxygen Light Whole Body Therapy  

The World's 1st Whole Body “Oxygen Therapy” Combining 99% pure oxygen therapy, light, heat and music therapies, as well as aromatherapy. For detox, weight loss, increased energy and immunity, emotional balance, pain relief, relaxation, skin rejuvenation, insomnia, circulation, and more.


Weight  Loss & Body Slimming

One day program (1 - Radio Frequency,
1- Oxygen Light Therapy)

One week program (3 -Radio Frequency,
3 - Oxygen Light Therapy)

For best results, we suggest a 2 month treatment program


LED-Oxygen Light Detox Program (10 treatments)

Ion Foot and Body Cleansing Detox Program (10 treatments)

Life-Care Herbal Detox Program (10 day treatments)

For best results, we suggest combining all three programs, twice a year



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