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   Lumi 8 LED Light Therapy

An intense LED facial system that offers painless non invasive treatments for collagen stimulation, skin rejuvenation, tissue healing, detoxification and skin tightening.

The technology:
PHOTO-Energizing: It is a synergistic combination of processes that stimulates and/or inhibits skin cell responses without any thermal damage. "Conversion of light energy into cell energy"

Lumi 8 Photo Facial Benefits:

  • Healing Accelerator
  • Anti-Aging/Fine Wrinkles
  • Dermal Detox
  • Uneven Pigmentation
  • Vascular Lesions
  • Lifting
  • Lifting/Rejuvenate

Skin Rejuvenation-Collagen Stimulation (590 nm- yellow)

The 590 nm intense LEDs of Lumi8 achieve the two most desired objectives of skin rejuvenation:

  • Increase the collagen formation - improve the collagen foundation. A specific code (pre-programmed parameters) is delivered to the skin to promote procollagen synthesis. The cells are "charged" by providing the right code to the cytochrome. A better absorption will regulate the ATP production which will energize our cells.
  • Delay the breakdown of existing collagen. Decrease of production of interstitial collagenase (MMP1) induced by heat-shock and UV rays.

Tissue Healing-Tissue Refreshening - Tissue Stimulating (630 nm-red)

The 630 nm wavelength stimulates new cell proliferation and accelerates tissue healing through two processes:

  • Progressing the healing process to the proliferative phase where the number of fibroblasts are increased.
  • Induce and increase the collagen proliferation on skin cells by enhancing the action of the fibroblasts.

Ditto -PNIR

Lumi 8's P-NIR (Proprietary Near Infra Red) effectively increases the lymphatic system activity. The vessel diameter and the flow of the lymph system can be doubled with the use of this therapy. The venous diameter and the arterial diameters are also increased allowing a faster evacuation that helps to detoxify and to relieve swelling.

Links to LED light therapy NASA study reference 4 articles as below:



Lumi 8:

* Healing Accelerator
* Anti ľAging & Fine Wrinkles
* Skin Rejuvenation
* Uneven Pigmentation & more




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