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   NannoLight IPL

The NannoLight
Technology & Benefits

"Selective Photothermolysis"
Nannolight is able to safely and effectively remove age spots, 'liver spots', sun spots, and spider veins with little to no downtime.

NannoLight is an intense pulsed light (IPL) system. The system uses light and heat to target certain chromophores in the skin that cause the discolorations, often related to sun damage and the natural aging process, while leaving the surrounding skin unharmed. Our clients often return to work immediately following treatment!

Improved Comfort
NannoLight's chilled sapphire tip provides skin cooling to keep the skin cool while heating up the targeted chromophores to accomplish the desired result.

Safety and Efficacy
NannoLight's greater versatility and contact cooling allow greater safety, fewer side effects, and higher efficacy then other systems on the market.

Greater Speed
NannoLight is faster then most lasers and other IPL systems, making treatments fast and efficient.


What can I expect from my NannoLight treatment program?

Pre-Treatment Program:
At your first visit, you will probably be asked to fill out a medical history, and your treatment provider will discuss with you a treatment schedule and the results you can expect from your NannoLight treatments. You will also have a "spot test" done to determine the most effective power level for your skin type and condition.

Required Number of NannoLight Treatments:
Every patient is different, and the number of treatments required for improvement depends on a variety of factors. Most cases require two treatments per week for four consecutive weeks. Some conditions may require additional treatments and even different types of treatments for ideal acne clearance.

NannoLight protocols and treatment parameters:
The key to safe and effective IPL removal of pigmented lesions is careful selection of the proper wavelength spectra, pulse width, and energy density (ÒfluenceÓ), which vary considerably based on skin tone, type of lesion and lasers in allowing the selection of different filters and treatment parameters to provide the best results safely and comfortably.


Nano Light MP50:

Multi-PIP Intense Pulsed Light

* Photo Facial
* Acne Clearance
* Pigmented Lesions
* Vascular Lesions
* Permanent Hair Removal



Lumi 8:

* Healing Accelerator
* Anti –Aging & Fine Wrinkles
* Skin Rejuvenation
* Uneven Pigmentation & more




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